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Lucious, scrumptious, delicious pudding?

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Have we been conditioned out of this? Is it evolutionarily just for babies? My Phoebe girl is not scrawny. I love my sweet girl her however she is. My love for her has helped me to love myself more, because obviously, what we look like is really not the point! I have a friend struggling post partum and to me she looks like a freaking fertility goddess, all butt and thighs and my god she looks powerful with a baby at her breast.

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The gist of the study is that the brain self-regulates when you have BIG emotions about something. Like crying from happiness, or you want to eat your kids. I remember hearing about that study too, and it makes a lot of sense to me! I call my little one a snack all the time. Just laid her down for bed and now I have the desire to wake her up and squeeze all over her legs : Must resist this time.

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I have twin nieces and they have the cutest little teeth and nose. I constant tell them I want to nom nom nom their nose and teeth and chase them in the room asking them to hand it over.

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My sister is like stop with the teeth and nose eating to me haha. My sister is 8 years younger than me. When she was born, I was absolutely obsessed with her. I actually think my 2 year old feels this way towards me sometimes! He gets this almost adorable but rather intense look on his face when he sees me and gives me an affectionate squeeze between two fingers.

How cool to be so honest. Who wants to eat a baby????? This does not sound right to me either.

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The bellies! The thighs! The double chins! The rolly wrists! The pudgy hands! And those tiny but chubby bottoms! My two year old still has one and in size 2 underwear it is truly too much to take. That sudden desire to squish, squeeze, bite, eat etc feels like a surge of love that has to go somewhere! I frequently say I want to squish babies. Not literally, but I want to feel their squishiness. She bites my nose, sticks her tongue up my nostril and then laughs hysterically.

I totally know that feeling! It seemed to us that it was more an expression of affection than aggression—not that different from adults who just want to squeeze the little dumplings! Reading through these comments which are so incredibly delightful and happy reminded me that my oldest actually did take a bite of her baby sister once!

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Big sis loved to smell and smooch little baby sis right on top of her head, and one time with baby on my lap, she was smooching away to many happy giggles and then just bit her! Poor big sis did not get a good reaction. But how funny that perhaps she was behaving just as we all do to these delicious chubby little humans, but without as much inhibition. Also my dogs and horses. My God nothing smells better than horses. The researchers findings were quite surprising, and I disagree that instinct would need a reminder.

When we see or interact with something cute, it excites us to the point of contracting. Hence the squeeze. Imagine if, when we saw a sweet little one crossing our view, our bodies went limp in excitement instead? My mom is a good mom, but never directly said that I was beautiful growing up. That one moment really got me through some times of self-doubt and my aunt will always have a special place in my heart because of that. Nope, not me, never.

Well, now that I have a seven week old tomorrow! I love this girl so much. I have a three month old and since almost day one, she has gotten big kisses right on the mouth.

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  5. That big toothless mouth is irresistible. Now, she anticipates me coming in for a kiss and opens her mouth wide in a big grin to receive her kiss. Me too. Thought it was so weird when people kissed their kids on the mouth. I occasionally play nibble but only very gently. They never had the baby chub so much, though.

    My husband and I are both very tall and so are our kids, even as babies. My brother and sister in law just had a baby. I was just discussing this very topic with the Costco cashier the other day as she was gushing over my baby. Then they turn into toddlers and you wish you had.

    We heard a great kids podcast on this. Wow in the World from NPR covered cute aggression. Its a really great kids science podcast! Love this title!!! I have five children: 2 teens and 3 little ones. The first trip out of town my husband and I took together, we were newly dating and we went away to Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur. We have two soon to be 3 kids now and our boys are well aware that I love them so much and find them so adorable that I regularly want to cause them bodily harm. But she also kept all of my baby teeth and a lock of my baby hair, so I guess moms and serial killers just have a lot in common?

    I always tell my sweet boy that I love him so much I just want to eat him up and put him back in my belly so I can have him as a baby all over again. They remind me of vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting. I inhale very deeply. The sense of deep connection with this scent leaves me breathless. The bottoms of dogs paws smell like Fritos. It is remarkable!

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    Little tiny nibbles with their front teeth…. I have told my kids I could eat them up but really have never understood this impulse to really nibble and eats babies so all the responses have been fascinating. Your comment though…Yes!!! I am the same. I love it!! I have three children and my son the youngest, almost two is built like a Neanderthal and has been since the day he was born. Even his name somehow sounds barbaric. As a baby, I found myself hopelessly and obsessively devoted to his ham hock thighs and his gotta-see-them-to-believe-them obnoxiously plump lips. But I digress.

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    He was a giant fan of Nana-squishes. When my son was a chubby babe, I had to buy a bag of large marshmallows to resist the urge to gobble up his yummy cheeks! Do you guys listen to the kid science podcast Wow in the World? They did a show about cute aggression… :. Both my grown kids had incredibly, deliciously chubby cheeks and rolls and rolls of soft fat on their arms and legs. I spent many hours just squeezing them.